Remember Me? Advanced Search. Forum General General Airgun. Webley Stingray Gas Ram Conversion. Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Jan Location padstow cornwall Posts I would just like to say thanks to Donny C, postie delivered the ram this morning within a week of ordering it. I chrono,d,the stingray before fitting it and to my surprise it was only kicking out They certainly look like a good idea, and the price is reasonable. However, some people have had problems later on.

Can you please give us an update in a few weeks time. Ford Prefect Guest. Johnny - Sweden Guest. Using the "wrong" pellet and you are above the limit in a whizz. Did you use the gasram in this rifle or why did you come so close to the legal limit? Or is I only too worried about the UK law? I was a bit worried at first as my velocities were ,and finally using accupells Thanks Barrie. What does it read using RWS Hobbys? You are absolutly right there, Chris. Quick Navigation General Airgun.

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Important: Opinions expressed are not necessarily the opinions of the AirgunBBS or any individuals directly or indirectly involved in this website or the companies and individuals associated with it.Webley have been makers and distributors of air rifles and air pistols since With over year tradition of gun making, Webley air guns has a gun to suit all shooters.

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From entry level break barrel air rifles to elegant pre-charged. Webley take pride in the quality of their components to produce no-nonsense British born and bred airguns. Webley Air Rifles at best prices. Price match guarantee - Shop Now!

Simple loading and easily r. With the advancement of technological manufacturi. With the advancement of technological manufacturing, the new Raider. Although this is made by Kral in Turkey it has had extensive input from Weble.

The new full powered 5. Webley Eclipse - Rifle versionThe new full powered Everything from it's ergonomic design to it's aesthetic features. Webley MkVI. Break Barrel Spring Action, full power at Everything from it's ergonomic design. The Webley AccuPump is a quality stirrup pump constructed from metal, and features the new Tri Filter design to ensure that the air quality is top not.

Monte Carlo. This rifle provides high power at low. It also features a 2-stage trigger, automatic resettable. Webley Nemesis CO2 Air Pistol is designed to be comfortable, balanced and versatile as well as pleasing to the eye. From the company that bought us th.Customairseals Australia. Please respect our decision not to ship to your country.

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Webley Stingray Express LE

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Starting with the woodwork, the Turkish walnut sporter stock largely follows a reliable, conventional pattern, then add in the gold coloured trigger and reddish brown, English-style rubber butt pad, for a really tasteful looking rifle.

The forend is now extended and nicely squared off, whilst extensive, laser-cut chequered panels do their job but also give a certain pleasing look and feel.

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Grain pattern was excellent on my test gun, and with pride of ownership all part of our world, the Stingray owners club should be a satisfied bunch; surely prepared to overlook the odd scuff mark underneath the varnish! Precisely engineered components, and a level of blueing, to satisfy all but the sternest of critics, puts this latest offering in a different bracket altogether.

Attention to detail is another impressive factor. The muzzle comes pre-threaded for a silencer and has a knurled, protective cap. An automatic safety comes in the form of that slick T-bar style push-pull design, sited at the rear of the cylinder — very reminiscent of the famous old Webley Omega rifle.

Webley Stingray Air Rifle

Nudging off that T-bar auto safety is easy, although for the record, no de-cocking of the action, once primed, is possible.

One thing that many of the old original Webleys were never known for, was a decent trigger, and whilst giving many of us hours of pleasure and valuable experience, they were truly awful in this regard!

However there are such issues with this new Stingray; in fact quite the reverse, for the Quattro trigger design is a triumph by comparison. An adjustable mechanism allows for the length and weight of pull to be altered, whilst that flat surfaced, near perfectly shaped blade, is a delight in use. I tweaked around with an Allen key, and whilst the instruction leaflet clearly showed pictures of a different layout to reality, I still managed to get some joy - shortening the first pull; ending up with something that tripped predictably and crisply.

Take another look at the asking price here, and the fact that this trigger is way above average for a gun of this class, is genuine cause for celebration. Manufacturers continue to ignore triggers on rifles in the lower price bracket at their peril in my view, as an increasingly sophisticated shooting fraternity, look for more across the board. Mild recoil, very little resonance, and no spring reverberation, just about stopped me in my tracks, and with just a slight metallic ring the main accompaniment of pulling the trigger, I was left mightily impressed.

I was impressed when I first clapped eyes on this model, and now having spent time with it, the quality of that lovely woodwork, super slick action, and well thought out design throughout, left me convinced that this famous old British brand name will continue to flourish. Buying a Gun or Accessory, Choose from 's of items for sale Finish Precisely engineered components, and a level of blueing, to satisfy all but the sternest of critics, puts this latest offering in a different bracket altogether.

Improvements… story continues below Gun Mart. Deactivated British Enfield.Remember Me? Advanced Search. Forum Collectable airguns Stingray experts. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: Stingray experts.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Stingray experts. Where there two versions? What was the approximate date of manufacture? How much is it worth? My Express limited edition is quite a different rifle.

Mach 1. Webley Stingray. So four models. Sounds odd. Carbine with a muzzle weight. Swivels are probably a contemporary aftermarket addition, not a factory item. Any chance of some pictures?

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I vaguely remember them being mentioned at the Webley stand at the Midland game fair. The swivels were factory fitted. I may be wrong but i think one variant may have had a whalther barrel fitted? Join Date Mar Location mountain ash Posts 5, Oh, bugger - wrong "Stingray" James. Originally Posted by muzzle. Stingray advert from Norris :- image.

Originally Posted by T So the XK just had sling swivels, gold trigger blade and a scope. Sounds like Webley were just trying to shift the last of them to the public has those extras aren't really nothing special and you can add those to a normal carbine. Originally Posted by Mach 1. Originally Posted by Geezer. A fair hypothesis. Would like to know the date on that DAI advert.So I was pleased to get a chance to test this new Mk2 version, and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised.

There are a lot of budget priced air rifles around these days and some are better than others, but the new Webley Stingray Mk2 is certainly right up there at the top of the tree. No longer made in Birmingham, the new Stingray Mk2 is nevertheless a very fine looking air rifle, shod in Turkish walnut and finely blued along with some snazzy looking checkering and a threaded muzzle for a sound moderator.

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Best of all is the smooth cocking and firing cycle from the Powr-Lok spring system and the trigger is now well worthy of the Webley name. The old Stingrays had a rounded curved stock profile, whilst the Mk2 has a fuller, more angular look which I like. It feels very comfortable to hold and naturally sits in the shoulder well for an instinctive pointing position. The Turkish walnut is particularly good as it gives a good depth of colour and grain and gives the Stingray a better overall feel that sometimes synthetic stocks lack some of them also have a very hollow feeling.

I like the way the forend projects past the barrel hinge joint hiding this functional but not so pretty area. The forend is narrow but deep and has three panels of checkering cut in a zig-zag pattern, again nice looking and practical for a multitude of grip options. The pistol grip is full and nicely raked and again has simple zig-zag checkering for extra grip.

There is also a well-profiled ambidextrous cheekpiece too and the recoil pad is vented and also has a white spacer. A small gripe but an easy fix if required. The barrel too has a few surprises; for a start those open sights are very good.

The rear sight is ramped with central adjusting wheel with clearly defined clicks for both windage and elevation. The twin Day- Glogreen dots really show up and align perfectly with the tunnel fore sight red dot.

You may never use them but they are there if you need them. It is also well-protected by a knurled end cap. Overall length of the barrel is The receiver and the barrel are well-blued and there is an adjustable locking barrel pin to take out any slack from this union.

The detent locking system was very positive on this Stingray and a good rap is needed to unlock and expose the black rubber o-ringed barrel breech end. The air chamber has the same good bluing and has dovetails of eight inches length and Stingrays of old and early Webley Hawks were never known for their good triggers but thankfully this new Stingray has a very good unit.

webley stingray

The Quattro trigger is very good, adjustable for weight and length of pull by accessing the small Allen keys set into the trigger blade bottom and trigger block. The trigger blade is gold-anodised and smooth with a distinctive long profile initially and then straight section for your finger. The safety is automatically activated as the Stingray is cocked. A long central bar protrudes rearward from the air chamber end cap when cocked, hiding a small red dot to indicate safe. You can reset if you like by simply pulling it out again; very handy.

I chose a selection of pellets to test over the chronograph and also test for accuracy at a reasonable spring rifle hunting distance of 25 yards.

webley stingray

At 25 yards Premiers grouped 1. In fact it was smooth to cock and the firing cycle muted with very little spring noise. The Quattro trigger is so much better than the old Stingrays and certainly contributes to the good accuracy.

Velocity was good at Both shot five pellets into the target at 25 yards at 0. Highest energy were the Logun Penetrators with the Despite my soft spot for the old Webley Stingray model, in truth this newer version has a lot to like about it.

Firstly, the stock is very good for the price — walnut always looks nice and gives this springer a bit more heft to dampen any recoil. The power was spot on and accuracy with a variety of pellets was good.It is a shame because the penultimate years bore some classic air rifles. This was largely influenced by the merger of Venom Arms custom shop that worked out of the old Webley factory at Rubery in Birmingham.

Venom Arms was the premier airgun customiser of the day and the late-series Webley rifles all had the Venom magic applied. This involved improved spring systems with smoother and more consistent propulsion but, best of all, styling and superb finish.

The last model Stingray was the Express LE limited edition of which only were made. It featured a Venom slimline sound moderator, superbly blued metalwork, figured walnut stock and special vented recoil pad. The trouble was, two years later, it was all gone. Turkish Webleys are just not the same.

Models such as the Longbow and Tomahawk as well as the Stingray and Xocet models are all sought- after due to the quality compared to Turkish models.

The Stingray Express LE is such a classic sporting air rifle because, as soon as you pick it up, it handles superbly and shoots even better. Hold it in your hands and all the curves and details are spot on. It is one of those rifles that looks right and is perfectly proportioned. Venom is to credit here as this carbine-sized rifle makes a superb classic hunting air rifle. The barrel is short at As with the action, it has a highly polished and blued steel finish.

The internals of the action have been perfectly matched to provide a smooth full-powered spring- propulsion unit that cocks easily yet has no spring noise on firing.

The LE is also consistent and this translates into excellent accuracy; this model shot AA Field pellets at The trigger is typically Webley, though, a bit vague but adjustable for first and second stage pull.

Blued Webley Stingray

Once it is mastered, the accuracy is good but the safety catch is non-automatic, which I like but is a bit stiff and noisy to use. The Webley Stingray LE has a superior-grade alnut stock, with hand-cut chequering and matt oil finish. Best of all though is the stock. It really is superb, in design, fit and finish. The fore-end has a good scalloped finger groove for grip and the pistol grip has a nice long rake for firm and steady hold in the aim.

There is also hand-cut chequering. The LE has a distinct brown rectangular ventilated recoil pad and black spacer. The overall stock design is cleverly made to be ambidextrous, with no cast but having twin cheekpieces to each side for symmetry and use for right- or left-handed shooters.

Webley also used a better grade of walnut for this series and this one had nicely figured and coloured walnut all finished with a classic matt oil finish. I picked this rifle up at F. Barrels : As the safety catch is not automatic, if the trigger is pulled when the barrel is cocked it can fly up and bend the barrel up, so check for this. Action : Check that the breech seal is not damaged and the safety functions correctly.

webley stingray

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